(Demo) Non-HTTPS Websites Will Lose On Christmas Sales

Consumers will abort purchase if no visible sign of security is present

HTTPS is more important than ever for your business because consumers demand security. 9 in 10 consumers want visible signs of security on a webshop. This was shown in a survey conducted by YouGov in October 2017.

Internet security concerns have been the reason for the abortion of online purchases for 4 in 10 participants in the YouGov survey. If users don’t feel secure making a purchase in a webshop, they will likely go to a competing webshop with better internet security.

Being cheated on the internet is a real risk. 2 in 10 answered in the YouGov survey that they had been cheated online in relation to internet shopping. Such experiences might make consumers extra aware of internet scams.

Consumers want security
when shopping online

Users are aware of HTTPS and padlock symbol
when doing their Christmas shopping online


Want Visible
Assurance Of A Safe Webshop


Have Aborted A
Purchase Of Security Reasons


Have Been Cheated In Relation To An Online Purchase


Plan To Do Part Of Their Christmas Shopping Online

Browser alerts tell if the website is secure

Web browsers show if a website uses HTTPS.
TRUSTZONE informed about this in a previous article, when
Google launched Chrome 62 in October 2017 with increased visibility of security warnings. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox now show alerts when entering information in a form not protected by an SSL certificate.

The two graphics on the right, show visible alerts at page load or when entering data on non-HTTPS sites in Google Chrome and when entering data in Mozilla Firefox.

58% users would not enter personal information on a website without HTTPS (often visible as a padlock symbol). This was a result of a survey conducted by Ofcom.

1 in 2 consumers buy their Christmas presents online

50% plan to do parts of their Christmas shopping online, according to the YouGov survey.

According to the Norwegian industry organisation Virke, each consumer will likely shop for an average NOK 10.700 in December.

In 2016 this was, according to Virke, a 30% increase compared to the monthly average consumption in the rest of the year.

50% plan to do parts of their Christmas shopping online

YouGov survey

Secure your online business with HTTPS

Web shops can compete on price, but not all consumers feel secure making a purchase online.

Internet security is a business advantage, and you must consider the consequences of not having an SSL certificate on your website. If you want your online business to grow, you must protect your website with HTTPS.

Did you know that TRUSTZONE offers a wide range of SSL certificates? An SSL certificate encrypts the connection between the server and browser and allows you to offer your visitors a secure digital experience.

Read more about the TRUSTZONE SSL certificates here.

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